Materials we build with:

You may wonder why we would build with clay blocks from Germany in Western Canada. Clay blocks create a healthy, moisture regulating wall system for your house that is highly insulating, non-combustible and also extremely durable.

In 2013 the first clay block home we had built in Western Canada got flooded in one of the largest floods Southern Alberta has seen in history.

For three days the house stood in the raging waters of the Ghost River. But while several neighbouring frame homes and even an almost 100 year old log cabin were  destroyed, the clay block home remained standing and suffered only minor, repairable damage.

Clay block walls are plastered on both the interior and  exterior as the finish - no drywall, no framing.

All electrical and plumbing is notched into the wall and then covered with plaster.

The clay blocks are available in a variety of thicknesses reaching an R-Value of up to R40 by themselves with no  insulation added. Adding a layer of insulation to the exterior provides for R-Values above R40.

While we build homes to a designed life of at least 100 years, we also like using clay blocks as they do not become a burden on the envirnoment once the building reaches the end of its useful life. Clay is inert, non-hazardous and can be re-integrated into nature without harm.

Clay blocks made in Germany