Our Philosophy:

Quality and workmanship is paramount. Therefore we have a small, dedicated and

trained staff that keeps a close eye on every step of the process of building your home.

It is important to us that the homes we build are:

Custom Homes

The Process:

We mostly work with Owner-Builders who desire to get involved in the entire design and build of their future home. Working with highly skilled architects and structural engineers, we provide sustainable and highy energy-efficient building envelopes. We will support you all along the way to make sure all components - from the wall system to the mechnical installation - will work together smoothly to provide you with the utmost comfort in your home.

very strong structurally,

durable with a long useful life (aimed at 100 years or more),

healthy to live in with no hazardous off-gassing,

built from natural materials as much as possible that not only have a high performance, but are also easily recyclable when necessary

with solid wood sourced from carefully managed ecosystem-based forestry operations

and have a vapour permeable, "breathable" building envelope.

Coming from Europe, our building techniques and the approach to functionality is heavily influenced by European building traditions as well as the latest technologies.

Materials we use:

Solid wood: Douglas Fir, Larch, Spruce and Pine sourced from small community forest operations

Nexcem Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF): Nexcem forms are currently available with an R-Value of up to R28, we offer additional exterior insulation as an option to increase the R-Value to R40 or more.

Clay blocks made in Germany: high performance clay bricks, Passive House blocks available  

Concrete roof tiles: imported from Europe, very high density, extremely durable and long lasting

European windows and exterior doors made by Gradwohl Austria  

Wood fibre & hemp insulation - healthy (no VOCs), renewable, natural choice

Pro-Clima high-tech vapour permeable building membranes

Wood fibre boards and insulation