Materials we build with:

The main wood species we use are Douglas Fir, Larch, Pine and Spruce.

We source our wood from small community forests, co-op and family run small sawmills in Alberta and BC. While the wood we purchase may be a little more expensive than if we sourced it from large scale, clear-cut forestry operations, environmental sustainability is paramount to us and the carefully selected product we receive from our suppliers is second to none in quality. Our wood is winter logged, when the trees are holding the least amount of moisure and the ground is frozen.

Even though Douglas Fir is considered a softwood, it is a very hard and heavy wood species, ideal for structural purposes such as timber frames and heavy timber roof structures, for panelling, flooring and even furniture.

Larch has a higher resin content and is very rot resistant. We often use Larch as exterior siding.

Pine and spruce are ideal wood species for log walls and smaller timber frame structures. The wood is somewhat lighter than Douglas Fir and thus provides a little higher R-Value.

Solid Wood