Tennengau Timberworks distributes high-quality Austrian-made tilt-and-turn windows and exterior doors in Western Canada.

Windows by Gradwohl - Made in Austria

•  solid wood frame

•  wood frame with exterior aluminum clad

•  insulated wood frame with exterior aluminum clad

•  high-quality vinyl and

•  vinyl with aluminum clad

Why choose Gradwohl Windows?

Gradwohl is family-owned small business that has been manufacturing windows & doors in Austria for almost 50 years, using the latest technologies.

All windows and doors are custom made to size at no extra charge.

•  dual pane glass with Argon gas fill

•  triple pane glass with Argon or Krypton gas fill

•  variety of glass shading values (g-value from 50 to 63%).

  New! High solar gain triple glazing available (g-value 61%)

Available with a variety of glazing options such as:

Additional features:

Complete window U-value performance ratings from 1.1 W/m²K to as low as 0,61 W/m²K, meeting passive house window requirements.

All hardware is made by Maco and GU Gretsch, two of the highest quality window hardware manfacturers in Europe.

Available in a variety of colours including all standard RAL colours. Custom colours available by request.

All glazing is ordered pressurized to the appropriate elevation above sea-level to guarantee long-lasting performance.

Window frames types: